First Test of Stubble Planting is Done

23.11.2015 / View : 1892 / Archive
First test of agriculture without  soil processing is done in 5 acres land of farmer Önder BULUT in Bahçelievler distinct  by Burdur Provincial Directorate of Food Agriculture and Livestock.

Burdur Parlimentarians Bayram ÖZÇELİK and Reşat PETEK, Burdur Provincial Director of Food Agriculture and Livestock Ş. Fırat ERKAL, Assistant Director Mehmet KURAY, Coordination and Agricultural Data Branch Manager  Ömer CEBECİ, Rural Development and the Organization Branch Manager Sedat KURTLUK, Crop Production and Plant Health Branch Deputy Director Hasan ÜNVER, Agricultural Infrastructure and Land Evaluation Branch Manager Mehmet TUĞRUL, Burdur DSYB Manager Kamil ÖZCAN,  President of Burdur Chamber of Agriculture İbrahim DEMİR,  Burdur Agricultural Credit Cooperative Director Yılmaz BAYDEMİR, farmers and journalists joined the organisation.

Burdur Provincial Director of Food Agriculture and Livestock Ş. Fırat ERKAL said that:

“There has been changings about soil procesing because of developing environmet consciousness, economic production demands and necessity of energy saving. Protecting soil procesing  especially direct seeding method has been spreading quickly according to those changings. By direct seeding method ; protecting organic matter content of soil and population of beneficial insects, less time need to prepare the fields reducing the dependence on weather conditions, savings from labor and fuel, reduction of erosion, minimization of soil compaction, more efficient use of water in dry farming on sloping land , improving the water retention capacity  are aimed. Burakbey variety barley is used on land of farmer Önder BULUT. It is developed by Ankara Central Field Crops Research Institute Directorate and first demonstration is applied to Kocapınar village. It has provided 630 kg yield per hectare without irrigation. It has also robust handle, high capacity of tillering, well response to water and nitrogen, simultaneous maturation, medium time of heading, non-breaking spike, easy blending, high and stable efficiency. We both have new type and new stubble planting machine trials. We will be working on widespread use of the machine in following days and will offer it to producers.

Burdur Parlimentarian Bayram ÖZÇELİK emphasized the necessity of using modern techniques to increase efficiency and quality in agriculture and animal husbandry in his speech.

The stubble drilling machine applied in the program and information were given the participants by the technical staff.